SpotX 2020 Vision

Chances are you’ll need more than a crystal ball to thrive in 2020. With the arrival of new streaming giants and programmatic tech stacks, it’s never been trickier to peer through the smoke and discern what the future may hold. That’s why SpotX convened a panel of industry leaders to share their predictions about what’s next for TV and video.

SpotX’s 2020 Vision includes interviews, videos, and interactive polls that examine the TV revolution from all sides of the supply chain. We hear from programmers and distributors, data vendors and DSPs, streaming device makers and smart TV manufacturers.

While each participant stakes out different areas of focus—from CTV growth to data activation to live OTT—one overarching prophecy becomes crystal-clear: amid such hyper-fragmentation, flexibility and collaboration have become table stakes for any business model that touches video.

You can dive deeper into these topics, and contribute your own thoughts, by using the page navigation. As you ponder the psychic readings of our participants, we hope their insights spark your own visions of what’s around the corner for video, and what those changes might mean for your business.