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Updated July 8, 2020


These are the resources you need to adjust to new realities: data to help you reach your target audience, expert advice for shifting campaigns in a time of constant change, and collective guidance from your peers on what tactics have proved successful.

We are all navigating never-before-seen challenges as we quickly work to adapt in the face of coronavirus. We’re here to arm you with the latest data and insights, all found here on SpotX Ignite, to help you make informed business decisions. Know that everyone on our expert Demand Facilitation team is ready to support your efforts however we can, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Mike Evans
SVP of Demand Facilitation, SpotX

Case Study: Washington State “Spreads the Facts” with Video Ads for COVID-19 Awareness

Washington State developed its “Spread the Facts” video PSA campaign to reinforce the importance of staying home while also providing additional resources. The data-driven placement strategy delivered through online video (OLV) and over-the-top (OTT) placements, which offered a strong reach at an effective budget as more people tuned into video while at home.


As shelter-in-place orders begin to lift, Americans are beginning to seek ways to regain normalcy. For many, that includes returning to stores, restaurants, and general spending in physical environments. We’re closely monitoring mobility trends across categories as advertisers look to re-engage with audiences and drive traffic to physical locations.


As the ever-changing situation surrounding COVID-19 unfolds, we continue to see significant changes in video streaming consumption and advertiser trends. With over 20 billion video ad calls per day from screens of all sizes, SpotX is uniquely positioned to analyze the upswings in viewership across the content categories below.

Source: SpotX Platform (July 30 - August 5 compared to March 5 - 11), excluding all commercial inventory.


Individuals have been spending more time than ever in their homes, so it is unsurprising that viewership is trending upwards across all devices. However, when examining the data from our platform from March 5 through July 1, we see the most rapid growth occurring in CTV environments. The data below shows that overall viewership continues to trend up, with the largest growth opportunity during the late afternoon into evening hours.

SpotX reaches 4 out of 5 viewers of ad-supported CTV in the U.S.

Source: SpotX Platform (March 5 - Jul 1) advertisement based video on demand (AVOD) traffic

Curated Inventory Packages to
Reach Today’s Consumer

SpotX has created a suite of carefully curated inventory packages based on trending audience segments to help advertisers effectively reach consumers, particularly those that have shifted away from traditional viewership patterns (such as live sports and linear programming).


While live sporting events take a timeout, and the professional sports leagues sit out the immediate impact of COVID-19, what are sports fans turning their attention to? SpotX has identified four types of sports fans and what we think they’re likely to be watching so you can continue to engage them.

10 Best Practices for Advertisers
Navigating the New Now

Reshaping the Message

How brands are staying connected to consumers by adapting to change

As the world around us has reformed into a new reality, and economic pressures have affected consumer behavior – brands have had to react quickly and with sensitivity to the current climate.

The following are examples of ads from brands that are meeting this challenge head-on.

We see brands choosing to invest in one of two approaches:

Promotional (performance-based) ads designed to encourage consumers to continue to spend. The message is reframed but the goal of the ad is revenue generation.

Social (brand affinity) ads created to deliver a non-commercial message. These ads show a dedication to social responsibility, and, if produced in an authentic way, can build goodwill that can translate into brand loyalty.


Dunkin' TV Commercial
'No Pants'

Burger King TV Commercial
'Stay Home of the Whopper'

Nissan TV Commercial
'Help When You Need It'

Uncle Ben’s TV Commercial
‘Special Guests’


Jeep TV Commercial
'#StayOffTheRoad' TV Commercial
'Social Distancing'

State Farm TV Commerciall
'Good Neighbor Relief Program'

Uber TV Commercial
‘Thank You For Not Riding’

Sources:, Ads of the World

At SpotX, we’re here to support you as you work to realign your media plans and adapt your messaging.

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Follow the Audience. Focus on CTV.

CTV audiences continue to grow

CTV audiences have been boosted by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. An uncertain economy and people spending more time in their homes have accelerated the adoption of CTV.

Primary Benefits of CTV


Explore how advertisers are adjusting to the new realities in your region:

How Media Owners Are Adapting to the “New Now” – Supply-Side Intel for Buyers

We recently asked our global digital video publisher, including VIZIO ads, Pluto TV, Crackle Plus and Discovery, to provide us with insights and share how they're reacting to this moment in time.

Viewership has increased significantly
Most media owners have seen viewership soar since mid-March – according to VIZIO Ads, ad-supported video-on-demand (AVOD) app usage has increased by 74% and time spent has risen by 53% (minutes per user on over-the-top (OTT) devices).

Inventory opportunities are plentiful
Nearly all media owners (88%) say they’re considering shifting their ad sales strategy to more closely match the changing needs of buyers and allow advertisers to benefit from increased supply.

Easier, more flexible buying experiences
Many media owners are actively prioritizing programmatic while increasing participation in open and curated marketplaces. They’re also making COVID-19 custom inventory packages available to buyers

OTT viewing behaviors are amplified
Streaming is occurring at a higher rate across all dayparts – including a significant increase in viewership during the traditional linear daytime daypart (9 am - 4 pm EST). According to Tru Optik, adults 18-49 are currently spending 48% of their viewing time watching OTT programming versus traditional linear TV channels.

New channels and programming are being introduced
Streaming services, including Pluto TV and Crackle Plus, are optimizing increased viewership by using trend analysis to inform new programming options to keep audiences engaged and fuel increased time spent – furthering the opportunity for advertisers to connect with on-target audiences.