Delivered quarterly, each issue of this newsletter is designed as a playbook to help you activate audience data and increase the value of your video inventory. We’ll feature interviews with industry experts, track emerging trends, and highlight seasonal marketing opportunities with our data partners, giving you the guidance you need to attract new buyers, grow repeat budgets, and capture the full value of each impression.

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Issue No. 5, March 2021
Hear from other media owners about how to build a strong data strategy, see how much value audience data can add to your inventory, and learn about SpotX’s new data integrations and partnerships.

Issue No. 4, December 2020
As the year comes to a close, catch up on the top trends for 2021, predictions from some of the industry’s leading data experts, plus everything you need to know about automatic content recognition.

Issue No. 3, September 2020
The last quarter of 2020 will be packed with political and holiday shopping campaigns, so prepare now to capture a larger share of 2020 campaign budgets. Plus, get all of your questions answered about what happens without IDFA.

Issue No. 2, April 2020
Understand the latest in data enablement, including how to activate and sell against first-party data, unified IDs, political data segments, and more.

Issue No. 1, December 2019
Learn about the perks of supply-side data activation and how the SpotX Audience Management Engine helps demand and supply partners activate audience-driven campaigns.