Today’s world requires that we continue evolving how we connect and learn from each other. SpotX Ignite convenes top thought leaders in video advertising to explore emerging opportunities and critical ecosystem challenges.

From best practices and industry POVs, to relevant consumer data and actionable solutions, SpotX Ignite is designed to spark new ideas to help drive your business forward.


Advanced TV for Advertisers

This course explains the emerging advanced TV solutions available to advertisers and helps you navigate the unique capabilities and nuances of the advanced TV ecosystem. Unlock new opportunities to efficiently reach your consumers on the biggest screen at home, taking your campaigns to the next level.


Advertiser Resources & Trends

While advertisers have been forced to adapt to evolving inventory availability and audience preferences, new opportunities to fulfill campaign goals and reach target audiences are rapidly emerging in OTT and CTV. We’ve identified the key insights you need to inform your decision making as you look to pivot your strategy.


Media Owner Resources & Trends

How should media owners handle this unprecedented global health crisis? While there is not a one-size-fits-all solution, we’ve compiled our recommendations to maximize demand, and will share more as we continue to evaluate the impact of this situation on the digital advertising ecosystem.


Opportunities and Challenges for 2020

As more households turn to CTV, buyers have unparalleled targeting and scale opportunities to reach potential voters in both local and national races. We’ve curated a series of resources to help you navigate the challenges of the CTV space and formulate effective buying strategies that reach voters at scale.


A Changing Landscape

The data landscape offers both challenges and opportunities to smart marketers. We’ve curated a series of resources to help advertisers explore the latest innovations in audience data to enhance the planning, implementation, and optimization of video advertising campaigns.


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