A Changing Landscape


The data landscape offers both challenges and opportunities to smart marketers. Quality data improves advertiser planning capabilities and makes targeting more efficient, but increased device fragmentation, changing privacy laws, and unifying data from different sources require additional considerations for how you leverage your audience segments. We’ve curated a series of resources to help you leverage audience data to enhance the planning, implementation, and optimization of video advertising campaigns.

Advertisers want to reach target audiences at scale, but changing privacy laws and increased device fragmentation can present a roadblock to advertisers who want to create a unified view of the consumer. As a result, audience data has become an even more valuable asset to campaigns. SpotX offers a leading solution to these challenges, helping advertisers to align their data to make better front-end decisions and achieve campaign KPIs. To learn more about activating your audience data for more impactful campaigns, please contact your SpotX Account Manager or

Kristen Williams
VP, Strategic Partnerships

On target

It is undeniable that quality, actionable data is essential to advertisers. When we combine data with video, we have the ability to optimize campaigns. However, connecting data that’s from different sources and stored in different environments is complex. Bringing it all together and effectively deploying across a diverse set of content on every screen type can be a complicated task. Join us for an engaging discussion as we explore how to best utilize data as both an asset and an insight to optimize campaign planning and activation.


People are consuming content on connected devices at a scale we’ve never seen before, which is opening up new opportunities for advertisers. In a recent panel discussion with Tru Optik, SpotX VP of Strategic Partnerships Kristen Williams explored the changing data landscape, audience validation, and strategies for advertisers to leverage these innovations for their video campaigns. Read on for a summary of the discussion and a few tips on how you can improve your CTV buying strategy.

Data Enablement: Your Guide to a Changing Landscape

With the changing data landscape comes dynamic, new opportunities for advertisers to maximize audience reach. Premium video, including desktop, mobile, and CTV provide advertisers with the strongest ways to connect with consumers. When we combine data with video, we have the ability to supercharge campaigns. SpotX is uniquely positioned to help you reach your audience with CTV. Our platform reaches over 50 million CTV households and 4 out of 5 viewers of ad-supported CTV. Based on this expertise, we have developed a training course on data enablement to help advertisers like you to build your proficiency and advance your abilities to leverage audience data in your video campaigns. Check out the three-part SpotX University course to explore these innovations and earn your certification.

SpotX Data Partnerships

SpotX is synced with every major data provider to give you access to data sources and integrations with the DMPs that you may already be using. Check out more in the SpotX Data Enablement Guide.


With an increasing number of transactions occurring in private marketplaces, it is more important than ever that marketers consider a first-party data strategy with their supply-side platform (SSP) partners. Download this guide to learn some of the tips and tricks to this approach.